Our garments are born from the illusion of capturing what we have seen while travelling, like an onboard diary.
To transmit the growth near the sea, and joy that always causes the return of the sun and summer.
Without forgetting the concern for our environment.

For lovers of the graphic and living world in which we live is born
PeterBanana in two directions:

Peterbanana Collection
go a step further

Betting on local production throughout the process 
of the garments and carrying by flag the ecological conscience 
our most premium collection is born. 

Organic and recycled fabrics 
for a much more sophisticated design. 
A cooler and more mature summer for today's man. 

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is carefree and cheerful 

If you're not worried about what they're gonna say
you'll understand our vision made design. 
No frivolities or excesses, just fun and color.

Swimwear at the best price.

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